Lusitatian lake district


In the Lusatia region near Senftenberg the flooding of former coal mining areas has created one of the largest artificial lake districts ever. A landmark, which at the same time will serve as a vantage point and attraction in its own right, is to be created for the still unknown vacation, leisure and recreation area.
The excavator most recently in service in Lusatia – the F60 – is still the largest mobile plant in the world. 
At 502 m in length its steel construction is 198 m longer than the Eiffel Tower is high.
The F60 has a capacity of 29,000 m³ per hour. In order to create the volume of the Cheops pyramid it needed 89 hours and 8 minutes, i.e., less than 4 days if in permanent use.
The F60 created 91 Cheops pyramids in a year.
What will remain?
Flooding all the open mines will produce a magnificent lake district. No longer will it be able to experience the unimaginable dimensions of the open cast mines. 
The concept involves making “visible” and perceptible on a long term basis the gigantic size of man’s excavations and changes. In a future peaceful and tranquil lake district that is open to tourism, buildings will bear witness to and relate to former times. 
The pyramid is the size of the Cheops pyramid, with a surface area of 230m x 230 m, and an angle of slope of 51° 52’. Visitors can access it via steps and ramps. From the mezzanine terraces and the approx. 110 m high vantage point there is a splendid panoramic view of the lake district.
The idea is to make the pyramid out of coal. In the direction of the lake the sides of the incline are untouched, monumental, as smooth as a briquette, shimmering brown in the evening light. The side facing land is fissured, with steps, stairs, ramps, and terraces, and here the pyramid is reminiscent more of a sculpture, a quarry.
The construction material is sourced on site from the ground directly next to the pyramid and transported to the required spot by conveyor belt. The ensuing hole is intended to be the negative illustration of the pyramid, 230m x 230 m, as deep as the pyramid is high.
It is as easy for visitors to enter the hole as it is the pyramid, an experience of height contrasting with one of depth. The fact that the wound, the hole in the earth stands opposite the hill symbolizes open cast mining specifically and man’s assault on nature in general.
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