German International School
Jakarta, Indonesien


The German International School is conceived as a pavilion type complex, with individual buildings grouped around a central common area: VILLAGE and MARKETPLACE.
A long two-storey block serves as a RECEPTION BUILDING and separates the public approach road from the more private school area on the inside.
The focal point of the entire complex is a spacious COURTYARD, which, with a pond, café terrace, steps for seating, trees, curved paths and areas of greenery creates the atmosphere of a landscape park.
Typical Indonesian design elements are used and given modern content. As such the air-conditioning and ventilation simulations revealed that when equipped with ventilation lamellas the hood-shaped roof is ideally suited to a natural cooling and ventilation element.
Overall an overarching energy concept based on natural resources was developed (rain water collection, collectors, air pre-cooling by means of earth canals), which takes into account local climatic conditions.
2nd prize
Transsolar, Stuttgart
Competition type: 
Internat. Competition