Visitor Centre
Frankfurt Main Airport

commercial and industrial buildings


The VISITOR CENTRE at Frankfurt Airport is conceived as an entertaining point of attraction of national importance. 
What is to date a unique variety of attractions all to do with the experience of flying – the Flying Coaster, shows, exhibitions, simulators, exciting food, fitness- and wellness areas and a wide-range of retail outlets – requires a form of architecture that is in a position to create an easily recognizable identity for this recently created center of flying.
The large-format stand-alone buildings adopt the size of that of the terminals and hangars that dominate the airport.
Three smaller satellite pyramids are positioned around the central main building measuring 140 x 140 m and 27 m high.
The CANYON separates the multi-storey car park from the visitor center. The Flying Coaster passes through it on its journey round the grounds, which feature park landscapes and expanses of water.
The roof terrace is an open area with a restaurant, displays of original aircraft, and rocket take offs for visitors. From the terrace it is possible to watch aircraft taking off and landing at close range.
DePfa, DIL, Investa, TishmanSpeyer
Planning Services: 
Service phase 1-2
180,000 m² gross surface area
Fire Protection: 
BPK, Düsseldorf