Aviation Museum
Krakow, Poland


The proposed new museum building is conceived as an open GATEWAY. As a symbolic gesture it is deliberately large and striking, with the expansive surface area thus creating a new focal point and landmark that is visible from afar. 
Even from the main access road in the south the large WINDOW – 64m x 8 m – guarantees a view of the aircraft on display, against the backdrop of the three historic hangars.
The design of the building as a gateway enables an enclosed exterior to be  created opposite the historical hangars, without isolating the entrance area. The exhibition area penetrates the gateway and can be enjoyed without interruption from the entrance through to the airstrip.
Overall, great value was placed on the fact that in the proposed architectural form the building on the one hand references the historic hangars – all of which are dominated by a central hall with large openings and flanking side tracts – and on the other hand is quite clearly and unmistakably a contemporary building, modern and sophisticated.
Krakow Airport
Competition type: 
Competition with prequalification